Volunteer Car Scheme

This service is predominantly used in Mid Sussex at present but we are eager to expand this service into Crawley and Horsham.

Occasionally it is impractical and not cost effective to use a minibus to help someone get to where they need to be, whether it is due to timings or the location. It is just not feasible. This is when having a volunteer car driver is a godsend for our charity and the people we help.

We are able to call upon our volunteer drivers and see if they are available to take a passenger to Princess Royal hospital, Queen Victoria or even East Surrey for essential medical appointments or other medical centres, GP surgeries and polyclinics. This is beneficial for the passengers as sometimes relying on public transport does not fit in with their appointment times.

Passengers need to book their journey which is costed on an individual basis at just 50p per mile! If this service could help you or someone you know then please contact us and we will try our best to help you.

Our volunteer drivers have all their expenses covered. If you would like to help your local community and do something very rewarding then please email us for more information.

Crawley: enquiry@crawleyct.org.uk

Horsham: horsham@ctsussex.org.uk

Mid Sussex: enquiry@ctsussex.org.uk