Last Friday we got to celebrate the years of service and retirement of Dick Lord, Paddy Donohue & Jan Case. While they will be thoroughly missed, we where so pleased to raise a glass to the fantastic work that they have given to us and the community.

From Left to Right: Lee Gander, Dick Lord, Matt Roberts, Jan Case & Paddy Donohue.

Dick & Paddy have been working for the charity for a combined total of 35 years! By being some of the original drivers for the organisation, they have been around for the development and growth of the charity, transporting members of the community on over 7,000 trips!

Jan Case has been part of the team since 2011, providing 8 years of escorting special need children to and from school. With 464 school trips completed, all the students she’s worked with over this period are sad to see her go, as well are we.

We could not have asked for better staff. They have gone above and beyond their duty of service with their kindness and loyalty. They have helped more individuals than we could ever imagine possible. As true assets to the charity, they will be sorely missed by all. We would like to wish you all the best for the future and thank everyone who turned up to celebrate these Bluebird legends retirement.